Can We Carry Liquor From Bangalore To Kerala In Train?

Can I take alcohol on train?

Alcohol is an inflammable substance and as such not permitted to be carried on trains, but no one really checks.

Where the scanners are there in NZM you are likely not to be allowed to go it with the sealed bottles..

How many bottles can you carry from Goa?

two bottlesAt present, only two bottles (one bottle of IMFL and one bottle of local liquor – 750 ml each) of liquor is allowed to be carried out of Goa. Any attempt by tourists to carry more bottles out of Goa is thwarted at the border checkposts with excise officials seizing them.

Can I carry sealed alcohol bottles in train?

A person can carry alcohol on a train but the person is not allowed to drink or show openly. … If a person is carrying alcohol in the train then the quantity of the alcohol should exceed the limit which is two litres, the bottle of alcohol should be completely sealed and should be covered.

How can I bring alcohol from Goa legally?

According to the act any person who is going out of Goa carrying liquor, first, he/she should have to obtain a liquor permit granted by the Excise Commissioner from any licensed liquor premises for the retail sale of liquors in sealed bottles on payment of Rs 10/- per permit.

Is liquor banned in Kerala?

Kerala currently allows alcohol to be served in most hotels, bars and airports. A ban imposed by the United Democratic Front government in 2014 was reversed by the Left Democratic Front government in 2017 when they came to power citing heavy losses in state revenue and sharp decrease in tourism industry.

Is Kerala a dry state 2020?

Just returned from a wonderful stay in Kerala but there are a few things you need to know if you like to have some alcohol on your holiday. Kerala State government has banned the sale of liquor. I suggest you should always take your duty free drinks with you.

How much liquor can I carry in Kerala?

Powered by Kerala State Excise | Designed and Maintained by IT Cell, Excise Headquarters, Thiruvananthapuram….Abkari Defaulters List -2020.ItemPossession LimitIndian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL)3 LtrBeer3.5 LtrWine3.5 LtrForeign Made Foreign Liquor (FMFL)2.5 Ltr2 more rows

How much is a beer in Kerala?

110.00, Foster’s Gold Strong Beer (650 ML) is Rs. 120.00, Budweiser Premium King Of Beers (650 ML) is Rs. 140.00, Haywards 5000 Gold Premium Strong Beer (650 ML) is Rs. 110.00 and Kingfisher Deluxe Lager Beer (650 ML) is Rs.

How can I order alcohol in Kerala?

Step 1: Download BevQ app from Play Store. Step 2: Enter name, mobile number, and pin code. Step3: Place the order to buy liquor through the app. You will receive an e-token and a QR code on your mobile.

Can we carry liquor from Bangalore to Kerala?

Carrying alcohol in limited quantity is fine. You will have to check in that baggage while getting your boarding pass. The state and city your travelling to. Only limited amount.

Can we carry alcohol from one state to another?

And since, revenue from liquor trade is one of the prominent sources of revenue for the Govt. … Those who are coming into Delhi from another state in India can only carry 1 litre of any type of alcohol and any person coming from outside India can carry 2 litres of liquor.

Can you get alcohol in Kerala?

1. Re: Can we drink alcohol in Kerala? Alcohol is available in the beverages shops in Kerala, whereas it is served only in five star hotel bars. Beer and wine is available in the beer and wine parlours which can be found in almost all places.

Is liquor allowed in train from Goa?

Goa Excise issues permits to carry liquor (up to 2 litres) to Daman, Diu, Punjab, Rajasthan, Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Himachal. You can get a permit which cost around Rs. 20 from the shopkeeper and carries the bottles to these places.

How many Litres of alcohol can I bring from Goa?

5 litresFlight: Getting back liquor from Goa to your home is relatively easier on a flight. Rules may slightly vary for different domestic airlines but generally, you can carry a maximum of 5 litres of alcohol in your check-in baggage.

How much liquor can I keep at home in Kerala?

The State government has fixed the maximum possession limit for Indian Made Foreign Liquor in Kerala as three litres. Its 3.5 litre each for beer and wine, 2.5 litre for Foreign Made Foreign Liquor and one litre for Coco Brandy.