Question: How Does Floki Die?

Is floki a God?

If you believe Floki is still somehow alive, there could be a reason.

Is he a god.

The fan theory goes that Floki is actually the god of mischief, aka Loki.

But their beliefs, and their spirituality was very prominent, so in the context of the Viking world it’s very plausible that’s who he is..

Is floki alive?

DeceasedHrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson/Living or Deceased

What happened to Earl Haraldson sons?

The Earl of Kattegat had three sons, whom were killed long before the series. His only living child was Thyri. When Ragnar began to rise as a hero for Kattegat, the Earl saw him as a threat, and ordered a bloodletting on the village. Ragnar challenged Earl Haraldson to a duel.

Who kills floki?

Season 2. Floki is still as loyal as ever to Ragnar. Floki is among the warriors Rollo injures severely during his betrayal in the battle against Jarl Borg. Floki eventually recovers and continues to build the ships for their continued voyage and raids to England.

Did floki die in the volcano?

He was trapped deep in a cave and a volcano exploded basically all around him. But, considering that Floki was a staple on the series since season 1, he will most likely survive the situation. Viewers didn’t actually see him die, which is a good sign. He will most likely survive and live to see another day.

What happened to floki in the cave?

After a string of unfortunate events, Floki went inside a cave to find his gods. He did not find them. Instead, he found a Christian cross, and his visceral outrage led to the walls of the cave crumbling.