Question: What Is An Antonym Of Cry?

What is the opposite of cry?

Opposite of to shed tears, especially from being emotional.





What laugh means?

1a : to show emotion (such as mirth, joy, or scorn) with a chuckle or explosive vocal sound The audience was laughing hysterically. b : to find amusement or pleasure in something laughed at his own clumsiness.

What is the word for when you cry really hard?

other words for cry eyes out bawl. howl. wail. weep. whimper.

What is a weak smile?

4 adj If you describe someone’s voice or smile as weak, you mean that it not very loud or big, suggesting that the person lacks confidence, enthusiasm, or physical strength.

What is the antonym and synonym of cry?

cry out, proclaim, outshout, shout, weep, shout out, hollo, blackguard, outcry, promulgate, call out, blazon out, holler, yell, call, scream, squall, abuse, clapperclaw, exclaim. Antonyms: laugh, express joy, express mirth. cry, blazon out(verb)

What is the synonym of cry?

other words for cryhowl.lament.sob.bawling.blubber.blubbering.snivel.sobbing.

What is the antonym of sobbing?

What is the opposite of sobbing?laughchortlesniggercrowingsnickershriekchucklinghystericsbofftitter9 more rows

What do you call a loud cry?

Verb. Utter a wail. wail. cry.

What is another word for cry baby?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for crybaby, like: whiner, moaner, bawler, complainer, sniveller, squawker, wimp, bellyacher, grumbler and chicken.

Is crying bad for your health?

According to Frey, “Crying is not only a human response to sorrow and frustration, it’s also a healthy one.” It is a natural way to reduce stress that, if left unchecked, can have negative physical effects on the body, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related disorders.