Quick Answer: Can You Put Redgard Over Joint Compound?

Is Redgard toxic to breathe?

Prolonged or repeated inhalation of respirable Page 4 Conforms to OSHA HazCom 2012 Standard and WHMIS 2015 SAFETY DATA SHEET Page 13 of 13 Redgard Waterproof and Crack Prevention Membrane Print Date: 12-Jan-16 crystalline silica from this product can cause silicosis, a serious disabling and fatal lung disease..

Do you need to use RedGard over cement board?

As long as it’s Cement Board & not some crappy “almost” cement board stuff. You really don’t need the RedGard, but the more protection the better…so go for it. And yes, you can do the boards beforehand. But, hit the filled seams & screws (your weak points) as soon as a panel is ready to give it some time to setup.

How long does Thinset need to dry before Redgard?

24 to 48 hoursThe humidity, temperature and air flow in a room affect how long it takes to dry, but thinset generally is cured and ready to walk on or grout in 24 to 48 hours. Some installers and home specialists recommend waiting 72 hours for tiles applied to floors.

How many coats of Redgard can I put on?

Two coatsTo meet the requirements of IAMPO, Two coats should be applied at a rate of 80 sq. ft. per gallon each coat. In all cases the wetfilm thickness should not exceed 125 mils.

Can you Redgard over paint?

RedGard Creates a Waterproof and Crack Resistant Membrane If you can paint a wall you can use RedGard no problem.

Can RedGard be applied to drywall?

It’s true that RedGard can be used on drywall, but when all their product information is carefully considered, it is not the case that RedGard can be used on Drywall in a wet area.

Can you put RedGard over Greenboard?

@Mike Girard MR drywall (“moisture resistant-green board) is absolutely not suitable for active wet locations and topical waterproofing membranes, such as Redguard, will not adhere properly to drywall. Tear it down and start over using cementious backer board.

Does Thinset stick to RedGard?

Mike. You”ll be fine with thinset over Redguard on walls. It’s recommended for waterproofing niches, shelves, and entire shower walls when tar paper or poly are not used as a vapor barrier behind the CBU.

What type of thinset should be used with Redgard?

Moreover, the Flexbond modified thinset (sold at HD, for example) specifically lists redgard as one of the surfaces it can be applied to and therefore, following manufacturer recommendations, a person should be using a modified thinset like flexbond over Redgard.

Can you lay tile over RedGard?

Using RedGard under floor and wall tile will create a barrier that will be undisturbed after the tile is installed and grouted. … When RedGard is wet, it is a hot, fluorescent pink color. When it dries, it is a solid, dark red, so you know when it is time to apply thin-set mortar and tiles.

What’s better redguard or Aquadefense?

One major difference if you do your research online is that Redgard is certified for use in steam rooms and as a vapor barrier whereas Hydro-ban is not. Both have the certification for pan liners and waterproofing, but Redgard outperforms Kerdi membrane (not Kerdi DS) in Perms of vapor penetration.

Can I use Redgard on shower floor?

*Note: The RedGard® Shower Base requires the use of a cement backerboard such as WonderBoard® Lite. Note: Use RedGard® Liquid Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane over cement backerboard such as WonderBoard® Lite. *Note: Only use cement backerboard such as WonderBoard® Lite with the RedGard® Shower Base.

Does Redgard go bad?

Leftover Redgard last a probably 4-5 months in the bucket but tends to thicken. It’s not made for waterproofing a foundation on either side of the wall.

Should I use Redgard over durock?

With the Durock installed like this, you can either put 4mil poly/15# roofing felt behind it OR Redgard on the face of it. You need to do one or the other. Tile and grout don’t stop all the moisture that’s exposed to them. Some moisture gets behind the tile and into the cement board.