Quick Answer: How Much Does It Cost To Ride The Ferris Wheel At Navy Pier?

How long does it take to go around the Navy Pier Ferris wheel?

The rides are more epic.

Its rides also last longer—for 13 to 15 minutes, a Navy Pier spokesperson told Chicagoist.

A ride on the old Ferris wheel took seven minutes, according to the Tribune.

Rides on the new wheel cover more terrain, too: three rotations, a Navy Pier spokesperson said..

Is Navy Pier free to get in?

There is no admission fee to enter Navy Pier. Attractions and public shows within Navy Pier may have admission prices, and current pricing can be obtained from each individual attraction’s box office or website. … Navy Pier’s Youth Escort policy is in effect Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for patrons under the age of 18.

What can you do in Chicago for free?

Chicago RiverwalkChicago Riverwalk. Downtown. … Smart Museum of Art. Hyde Park. … National Museum of Mexican Art. … Chicago Cultural Center. … Millennium Park. … Chicago Lakefront Trail. … Garfield Park Conservatory. … Lincoln Park Zoo.More items…

Does Navy Pier still have a Ferris wheel?

Today. The Centennial Wheel proudly stands as an iconic part of Chicago’s skyline and cultural history. … After you ride the Wheel, check out other things to do across the Pier like grabbing a bite to eat, catching a play at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, taking a cruise or exploring the scenic Crystal Gardens.

Is Navy Pier worth seeing?

The Navy Pier is great if the weather is nice. If you want beautiful views of the city from a distance, go on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel. If you’re going to hit any museums like the Field Museum of Natural History or Shedd Aquarium on top of visiting Willis and Hancock, purchase the CityPass.

How much are Winter WonderFest tickets at Navy Pier?

Winter WonderFest General Admission General admission starting at $28 (see the discounts section below) for all adults and children over 42 inches tall and under the age of 65. It includes access to all rides and activities and one ticket for the Centennial Wheel.

How much is the Chicago City Pass?

Valid for 9 consecutive days, Chicago CityPASS tickets cost $108 for adults (value $214) and $89 for children ages 3-11. Buy online at CityPASS.com or at any CityPASS attraction.

Can you smoke at Navy Pier?

Smoking, except in authorized places.

How many cars are on the Navy Pier Ferris wheel?

six carsThe new one holds 180 more riders, loads six cars at a time, then stops to load six more, and so on; once the ride is fully loaded, riders get another two revolutions, a 12-minute ride in all “so a person will go over the top at least three times,” Murphy said.

Who owns Navy Pier in Chicago?

Metropolitan Pier and Exposition AuthorityThe Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, commonly known as MPEA or McPier, is a corporation that owns Navy Pier and McCormick Place in Chicago.

How much does it cost to get into Navy Pier?

There is no admission fee to enter Navy Pier. Attractions within Navy Pier may have admission prices and those prices can be obtained from each individual attraction’s box office.

Is Navy Pier Ferris wheel open year round?

The famous Centennial Wheel spins year round from its perch at Navy Pier. … Tickets can be purchased online and at the Pier Park box office.

How fast do Ferris wheels go?

1.5 mphMost of the large observation Ferris wheels move at a speed of 1.5 mph or slower. At this speed the carts can be loaded and exited without the wheel ever stopping, riders enjoying a continuous, constant speed. If Ferris wheels are so slow moving, where do the thrill-seeking adventurists experience their rides?

How far is Millennium Park from Navy Pier?

1 milesThe distance between Millennium Park and Navy Pier is 1 miles.

What is Chicago known for?

What is Chicago Most Famous For?Start your day at Millenium Park.Must-See: Adler Planetarium.Do the Chicago Riverwalk.Shop along the Magnificent Mile.Take the kids to Shedd Aquarium.Meet Sue at the Field Museum.Try Chicago-style pizza at Pizzeria Uno.Ride the Navy Pier Centennial Wheel.More items…

How much is the boat ride in Chicago?

Price: $28.95 – Adults. $20.95 – Children. More details or buy a ticket.

Is Navy Pier safe?

Navy Pier has been built utilizing the highest standards of safety and fire resistive construction. The facility is equipped with sophisticated fire detection and protection systems with computerized alarms.

What is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world?

the High Roller2014: the High Roller, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, is 167.6 metres (550 ft) tall. It opened to the public on 31 March 2014, and is currently the world’s tallest Ferris wheel in operation.