Quick Answer: Was Tricky Happy On Seeing Mrs Pumphrey?

Was Tricki happy at the surgery Why?

Tricki was happy in the doctor’s surgery as it got to play around and exrcise with the other dogs.

Once the amount of food it ate was controlled and monitored, it became energetic instead of being oevrweight and lethargic..

What kind of person do you think the narrator?

Answer: According to the story, the narrator is a very simple and kind hearted person. He seems to have a lot of admiration for his village and knows the smallest tit-bits about his place. The narrator seems to have a clever perception and is a good judge of people.

Why is Mrs Pumphrey worried about Tricki?

Mrs Pumphrey was worried and distraught because Tricki would not eat anything. It even refused its favourite dishes. It had bouts of vomiting. It spent all its time lying on the rug and panting.

What did Mrs Pumphrey bring at first?

Answer. Answer: Mrs Pumphrey gave her malt, cod-liver oil and bowl of Horlicks. Still, Tricki had no energy.

Why did Mrs Pumphrey say this is a triumph of surgery?

Mrs Pumphrey thought that the dog’s recovery was “a triumph of surgery” because in two weeks, Tricki had recovered completely and had been transformed into a hard-muscled animal. … She declared Tricki’s recovery as a triumph of surgery to express her happiness and gratitude towards the doctor.

Do you think Tricki was happy to go home?

Yes, Tricki was very happy to go home. It jumped out of the narrator’s arms and leaped into Mrs Pumphrey’s lap as soon as it saw her. It licked her and barked. After this, if Mrs Pumphrey takes good care of the dog and does not feed it a lot, it will be as healthy as it is at the end of the story.

What kind of person do you think Mr Herriot was?

Answer : Mr. Herriot, the narrator and a veterinary surgeon, is a man of good and noble character and one of those very few who help others in need. He advises Mrs Pumphrey to feed Tricki a balanced diet.

Who is the narrator of the story a triumph of surgery?

Answer. In the story ”A Triumph of Surgery” the narrator named, James Herriot was a type of person which was very keen….as he helped in the recovery of Tricky, he was a veterinary doctor…

Who do you blame for Tricki’s illness?

Pumphrey, Tricki’s owner, was responsible for Tricki’s condition. She was a rich lady and spent a lot of money on buying expensive food items for Tricki. She made him eat so much that he fell ill. She also provided all the luxury to the dog and never made him do any exercise.