Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between Still And Yet?

How do you use yet still?

Grammar explanationjust.

Just used with the present perfect means ‘a short time before’.


Yet used with the present perfect means ‘at any time up to now’.


Still used with the present perfect means that something hasn’t happened.


Already used with the present perfect means ‘before now’..

Can I use yet and still in a sentence?

Although we mainly use “yet” in negative sentences, we sometimes use the word “still.” The meaning is very similar but the tone is different. Listen to two negative sentences. One uses “yet,” while the other uses “still”: She hasn’t graduated yet.

How do I use yet in a sentence?

Yet sentence examplesIt was early, yet we were all ready for bed after our long hike. … He is my worst enemy, and yet, I admire him as the wisest man in the world. … He would often say the exact opposite of what he had said on a previous occasion, yet both would be right. … Why, I have not yet had time to settle down!More items…

How do you use still in a sentence?

Still sentence examplesIt is still a famous school. … When they turned around, Alex was still on the horse. … She still held Jonathan’s hand. … When Dorothy recovered her senses they were still falling, but not so fast. … In fact, it was ludicrous – but it still hurt. … The throng stood still and waited. … Still, you like it, yes?More items…