What Is Cut Level 5?

What does en388 mean?


EN 388 is the standard that determines a glove’s performance against mechanical hazards.

The standard specifies the testing and marking required for protective gloves..

What is en388?

EN388 is a European standard designed to assess the performance of a fabric or layers of fabric for their ability to resist heavy rubbing, cutting by a blade or sharp object, tearing, and puncture by a pointed object.

What is cut level C?

Level A – Low Cut level. Level B – Low/Medium Cut level. Level C – Medium/High Cut level. Level D – High Cut level. Level E – Very High Cut level.

What are the best cut resistant gloves?

Best of Cut Resistant GlovesDexterity® Ultrafine 18-Gauge Cut-Resistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm. … Emerald CX® Kevlar® Composite Knit Gloves with Micropore Nitrile Palms. … Emerald CX® 10-Gauge Cut-Resistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm. … Emerald CX® 7-Gauge Wire-Core™ Composite-Knit Glove.More items…

When should you wear cut resistant gloves?

Cut resistant gloves are intended for use with sharp objects such as knives and they provide little or no protection from puncture injuries. The use of these gloves requires a tradeoff between loss of dexterity and the probability of being cut by a sharp object.

What are Level 5 cut resistant gloves?

A cut level 5 glove would have to withstand at least 3,500 grams (7.7 pounds) on the blade without the material being cut through. EN 388 is the other, more widespread standard. Instead of a straight razor, it uses a rotating circular blade.

Is Kevlar cut resistant?

The keys to cut protection This has the greatest impact on the cut resistance of personal protective equipment. DuPont™ Kevlar® is an ideal choice for cut-resistant protective apparel due to its strength, light weight and high degree of cut resistance, as illustrated in the chart below.

What do the 4 numbers on gloves mean?

The fourth number relates to the gloves’ puncture resistance. The result is based on the amount of force required to puncture the material with a tip. The protection level is indicated by a number between 1 and 4, where 4 indicates the strongest material.

What are Kevlar gloves?

Kevlar gloves are a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) made of Kevlar, a strong synthetic fiber used to protect workers from cuts, abrasions and heat.

What does cut level a3 mean?

A2 – Protective gloves, Level 2: withstands 500 g to 999 g of cutting load. A3 – Protective gloves, Level 3: withstands 1000 g to 1499 g of cutting load.

What does cut level mean on gloves?

In safety gloves, Cut Resistance is the level of protection that a pair of gloves offers against slashing from blades, the sharp edges of machinery, glass et cetera. Cut resistance is independently measured by the standard EN 388 on a five point scale with 1 being the least resistant and 5 being the most.

What are the cut resistant levels?

The level of cut resistance extends from 0 to 6,000 grams, based on tests by a Tomodynamometer (TDM Method), which moves a blade across the material. The higher the weight required to cut the materials, the higher the cut resistance rating. A higher rating provides the wearer with better protection and cut performance.