What Is Margin Padding Border In HTML?

What is the difference between margin border and padding?

It is good to know about the differences between margin and padding .

As I know: Margin is the outer space of an element, while padding is the inner space of an element.

In other words, margin is the space outside of an element’s border, while padding is the space inside of its border..

How do you set a border margin in HTML?

You have to use box sizing property to set the margin from you border. In your case, where you have no borders left and right, you can simply adjust the line-height. You can use text-indent .

Is it better to use margin or padding?

The margin clears an area around an element (outside the border), but the padding clears an area around the content (inside the border) of an element. it means that your element does not know about its outside margins, so if you are developing dynamic web controls, I recommend that to use padding vs margin if you can.

Why do we need padding?

There are couple of reasons padding is important: It’s easier to design networks if we preserve the height and width and don’t have to worry too much about tensor dimensions when going from one layer to another because dimensions will just “work”. … Without padding, reduction in volume size would reduce too quickly.

What is padding in HTML?

Definition and Usage. An element’s padding is the space between its content and its border. The padding property is a shorthand property for: padding-top.

What is padding border margin?

Padding is the space that’s inside the element between the element and the border. Padding goes around all four sides of the content and you can target and change the padding for each side (just like a margin).

How do you use margins in HTML?

CSS – MarginsThe margin specifies a shorthand property for setting the margin properties in one declaration.The margin-bottom specifies the bottom margin of an element.The margin-top specifies the top margin of an element.The margin-left specifies the left margin of an element.More items…

How do you set padding?

To shorten the code, it is possible to specify all the padding properties in one property. The padding property is a shorthand property for the following individual padding properties: padding-top….padding: 25px 50px 75px;top padding is 25px.right and left paddings are 50px.bottom padding is 75px.

How much margin should I use?

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What is padding for?

The padding property in CSS defines the innermost portion of the box model, creating space around an element’s content, inside of any defined margins and/or borders. Padding values are set using lengths or percentages, and cannot accept negative values. The initial, or default, value for all padding properties is 0 .

What is margin in HTML CSS?

The margin CSS property sets the margin area on all four sides of an element. It is a shorthand for margin-top , margin-right , margin-bottom , and margin-left .