Who Was Antigone Trying To Bury?

What did Antigone do that was illegal?

Antigone committed the act of burying her brother, Polynices, against the wishes of the current leader of Thebes, Creon..

What is ironic about the deaths of both Antigone and her mother?

What Events Do Antigone And Ismene Discuss During The Prologue?…Cards In This Set.FrontBackWhat is ironic about the deaths of both Antigone and her mother?Both took their own life14 more rows•Sep 23, 2020

Did Antigone deserve to die?

Antigone rejects her, but she does not deserve to die with her. Ismene swears she will bury Polynices herself then. Antigone calls on Creon to have her arrested, warning him that her disease is catching. Creon relents.

Why do you feel Antigone was so determined to bury her brother and why was Ismene not?

Why do feel Antigone was so determined to bury her brother, and why was Ismene not? … She feels that despite his alleged betrayal, Polyneices deserves a proper burial because he is her brother. She respects the dead and believes that burial is a god-given right of all human beings.

Why does Antigone want Ismene to help her bury Polyneices?

The people of Thebes are claiming she’s a hero and are praising her because they’re too afraid to speak out against Creon. Why does Antigone want to bury Polyneices? She wants to follow the gods’ laws and because Polyneices is her brother. … Creon decrees that whoever buried Polyneices will be punished.

Why does Antigone kill herself?

Antigone, moved by love for her brother and convinced of the injustice of the command, buried Polyneices secretly. For that she was ordered by Creon to be executed and was immured in a cave, where she hanged herself. Her beloved, Haemon, son of Creon, committed suicide.

What is the punishment for burying Polyneices?

deathAntigone and Polyneices The next male in line for the throne was their Uncle Creon. When Creon came to power, he decreed that since Polyneices was technically a traitor for fighting against Thebes, his body should rot in the street without a proper burial. If anyone was to bury the body, the punishment would be death.

How does Ismene die?

The 7th-century BC poet Mimnermus accounts that Ismene was murdered by Tydeus, one of the Seven. In this account, Ismene and her lover Theoclymenus met outside of the city during the siege. Tydeus had been told their whereabouts by Athena, and apprehended Ismene while Theoclymenus escaped.

Who all died in Antigone?

But Creon’s change of heart comes too late. Antigone has hanged herself and Haemon, in desperate agony, kills himself as well. On hearing the news of her son’s death, Eurydice, the queen, also kills herself, cursing Creon. Alone, in despair, Creon accepts responsibility for all the tragedy and prays for a quick death.

Who does Antigone ask to help her bury Polyneices?

IsmeneAntigone will bury Polynieces. She wants to follow the laws of the gods, which tell her to honor her dead family members. 4. Does Ismene plan to join her?

Why did Antigone not bury her brother?

Antigone speaks to her sister, Ismene, early in Antigone. Ismene has just told Antigone that she must refuse Antigone’s request to help bury their brother because she must obey Creon. She considers it “madness” to break his martial law and bury Polynices.

How is Antigone caught burying Polyneices?

Antigone is caught by the sentries posted by her uncle, King Creon.

Why can’t Polyneices be buried?

He is also Haemon’s father. Creon exiled Oedipus from Thebes after Oedipus killed his father and married his mother. Creon also declared that Polyneices would not receive a proper burial because he committed treason against his own city.

What is Antigone’s punishment for burying her brother?

In the play, Antigone is sentenced to death by her uncle, King Creon, for the crime of burying her brother, Polynices. Polynices had been killed during an attempt to take Thebes from his brother, Eteocles, who also died during the battle. Under Creon’s decree, the punishment for burying Polynices is death by stoning.

What does Ismene believe about the burial of Polyneices?

The newly appointed king declares that the body of Polyneices should rot in the street, and his brother Eteocles will have a proper burial due to his loyalty to the state. Anyone who dares to bury Polyneices’ body will be stoned to death. Antigone tells Ismene she will bury the body at all costs and wants her help.

Who does Antigone want to bury?

PolynicesAntigone’s primary reason for wanting to bury Polynices is that it’s in accordance with divine law. Once someone dies, their body isn’t supposed to be just left to rot out in the streets; they must be buried according to the appropriate funeral rites.

Is Antigone ever apologetic for burying Polyneices?

Though Antigone bemoans her fate and believes death is a cruel and unnecessary punishment for burying Polyneices, she is never apologetic for actually covering his body. She believes until the end that she did the right thing.

What is the seeming reason for haemon’s suicide is it only out of desperate love of Antigone?

What is the seeming reason for Haemon’s suicide? Does he kill himself only out of desperate love for the dead Antigone? Haemon’s suicide seems to have two motivations – first out of anguish over Antigone’s death, but also because he is so furious with his father for having betrayed his trust.