Why Did Wanda Always Wear The Same Dress?

Why did Maddie wish that Peggy should stop teasing Wanda?

Answer: Maddie wished Peggy should stop teasing Wanda because she also poor.

Explanation: Wanda is bothered by her classmates for wearing the same dress every day.

Peggy and Maddie were very close friends, Peggy asked Wanda about how many dresses she had at home, she claims that one hundred dresses at home..

Why did Wanda wear the same dress?

Answer. Because she has no another dress. She was a shy girl… She was also so poor … By these all she wear blue faded dress..

What shows Peggy was not really cruel?

Answer. Answer: peggy was not really that cruel because she saved small children from getting bullied and she cried for hours if she say a animal being treated badly.

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What kind of a girl was Wanda?

Answers. Answer: Wanda was a simple, polish girl. She did not speak in the classroom and she always wore a faded blue dress .

What was unusual about the dress of Wanda?

The usual thing about the dress of Wanda is that it was the only dress she had. The dress was blue. Also, it was faded and never ironed properly. She used to wear a dress most often.

Why did Wanda claim 100 dresses?

No, she did not have a hundred dresses because she was poor and wore the same faded dress to school everyday. … She had an inferiority complex. In order to hide the complex and impress the other girls, she always said that she had a hundred dresses.

Why did Wanda have no friends?

Wanda didn’t have any friends because she came to school alone & went home alone. this was because of her poor condition of living.

Why did Wanda always wear a faded blue dress?

She always wore a faded blue dress that didn’t hang right. It was clean, but it looked as though it had never been ironed properly. She didn’t have any friends, but a lot of girls talked to her. … (ii) Wanda did not have any friend because she was a poor girl.

How did Wanda reply to Peggy’s mocking her?

She would ask, “How many dresses did you say you had hanging up in your closet?” Wanda would answer, “A hundred”. Then Peggy would ask in a teasing but polite manner, “All silk, I bet”. Wanda would reply that they were all silk and of all colours.

Did Wanda lie about her hundred dresses?

(d) Wanda did not lie about her hundred dresses as she had hundred drawings of different dresses and she always talked about them.

Why did Maddie and Peggy not wait for Wanda?

Why did Maddie and Peggy didn’t wait for Wanda on the day when it was drizzling? Maddie and Peggy didn’t wait for Wanda on that day because Mrs Mason, their teacher would announce the winners of the drawing and colouring competition. So, it was an important day and they didn’t want to be late that day.

What did Wanda wear always?

Answer: Wanda was different from other children as she had no friends. She came to school alone and went home alone. She always wore a faded blue dress that did not fit her properly. Unlike other children, she kept quiet and did not talk to anyone.

What was Maddie’s full name?

MaddelineAnswer: Maddeline is the full name of Maddie’s.

What did Peggy think about Wanda?

Answer: Peggy believed that Wanda was dumb as she could not understand why Wanda said she had a hundred dresses, even when everybody knew that she was poor. She knew everybody was laughing at her.